First post all about upcoming posts! My first take on windows 8

So the reason I have decided to open up is to do an in depth REAL user review of windows8 (consumer edition).
I have some tech experience in the past but I’m not doing this for that reason per say, really it’s to get my hands on what is being billed as the first major change of windows since 3.1 became windows 95.

I was far too young to understand the extent that the world changed when windows 95 was released but I do remember seeing on the news this massive rush of people in stores holding these precious boxes above their heads to keep them safe from the rest of the crowd.

Do I think windows 8 will be what windows 95 was with the crowds and mass flocking to the new operating system, the short answer is no. We live in a very different time than the stone age of nearly 20 years ago, the people who want this new windows will not be rushing the local best buy or standing in line ready to fight for it. discs will not be heavily pressed nor will it have a shot at selling out. Initial adapters to the new version will be downloading it straight from Microsoft themselves and loading it from their usb’s instead of using any discs (pretty eco friendly stuff there).
I feel most will try to reject this new version because it is widely believed that this is Microsoft forcing the death of the pc and laptop on the average user and I am one of those believers.

Regardless of whether or not people accept it as Microsoft wants it makes little difference it’s here and it will be here to stay. When vista came onto the scene not many accepted the change as directed by Microsoft and chose to stay with windows xp as a result Microsoft cut the head off of vistas predecessor as well as its arms by removing it from shelves and giving very little in the way of support.

Like it or not the tablet is no longer a toy and will be a mainstay. So hold onto your dinosaur boxes like I and so many others plan on doing for as long as we can but this may well be the last windows you see on a box.

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One Response to First post all about upcoming posts! My first take on windows 8

  1. howiekurtz says:

    All postings present and future will be from windows 8, I have left my normal windows in tact for stability sake but will primarily use 8 as the main operating system in my life besides my ios phone

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