First Day

Day one with windows 8

So here I am a full day in the books and I didn’t cheat on my new operating system and go back to my loyal and never crashing version of vista (despite the temptation)  and so far I’m pretty blah about the whole thing.
Some things are very very different and the most obvious difference is that it doesn’t have the feel of a windows computer anymore. Let me say that for this test I really wish I had a slate or the old hp laptop with the touchscreen I feel that the hp would be perfect for this version of windows but since it’s an old hp there are probably only three left in the country that work and two of them are on their last legs.

Upon first boot you are welcomed with an absolutely gorgeous picture showing your connection status and the time but for the first time ever I wondered aloud and vulgarly “how the F**k do I log into this d**n thing?” to figure out you have to “throw” the image upward with your mouse to show the user and password screen. Off the bat this has already shown it’s allegiance with touchscreen technology and it’s an awkward thing to do with a mouse (on a laptop with a standard mouse pad this would be difficult) but now we’re in.

Probably the most controversy is based around the total absence of a start button. It’s just not there in it’s place is the normal windows 7 toolbar with time/date/internet explorer shortcuts.

So what now…It’s been replaced with a start screen. In desktop mode you hover your mouse to where the start button should be and a window link for the new start screen will appear.
As a whole I like the start screen and the “metro” appearance as well. Be warned you will be required to setup an xbox live account during setup of metro/start screen, ok not that big of a deal right sure but I wasn’t given a choice of what my “gamertag” would be so it auto generated one for me. Let me give my fullest thanks to Microsoft for getting me a gamertag off the bat that so defined me in my day to day life….the name was “fargymnast90031” I’ve always wanted to be a Russian gymnast living in Los Angeles! (Should have made that my avatar)


Create your xbox avatar even without having an xbox

Windows Defender is here again but now it is a full virus protection software as opposed to just a firewall from years past. Hey Norton have fun charging $69 a year when it’s already there free from Microsoft. So Microsoft may kill of the antivirus industry as well.

The word “Programs” has been replaced with “Apps” another sign of the times and I like the move of the names of nothing more than cosmetic alone. Starting an app is very fast and it will go full screen within metro with the logo of the app you opened.

Microsoft has taken a page out of apple’s book and has gone against overloading the screen with links, shortcuts and options within metro and the result of it is you get amazing looking environments from within apps.

Apps I like so far.

USA Today – Very clean I mean really clean appearance. Tiled news stories and current weather in top right corner. The bad side scrolling to view more headlines (can be done with click wheel or drag scroll bar to right)

Messenger – This app blew me away with how much I liked it. Like most things in metro it looks great, i went in thinking this would be a live messenger again and become a use once and never again thing. I opened it and logged into my facebook account and I started chatting with friends from within the app. The alert noise for a new message is far from cringe worthy a pleasant change from the sound on facebook, it is accompanied with a popup on the top right with a description of the alert.
Additionally you can see friends profiles in the app and it will have boxes for their resent posts and you can watch a friends youtube link there as well, their photos and their about section.
Bad side – I got lost in the app for about 5 mins trying to get back to the main messenger screen.


Solitaire – got a face lift but that’s about it…I mean really it’s solitaire I wasn’t looking for much change

Pinball Fury 2 – Another preinstalled game in windows. WOW! the graphics are stunning! not something you ever expected to find in a windows base game and it’s fun to play, watch the scorcer who lives on the pinball board make the ball vanish, clobber ghosts that appear on the board and find hidden rooms.

Pinball Fury 2

Day one I tried to live in a metro only world and spent about 5 total hours with it and about a page worth of notes for each hour, I promise I will not put them in this blog. I don’t want to get technical if I don’t have to and that’s all the notes are and will bore any reader to tears and they will never return. I really wish they had included Office 15 in the beta however it is scheduled for consumer beta before summer. I want to get my hands on it. From what I have read it has the metro look as well but how much else has changed from Microsoft’s bread and butter remains to be seen.

The next couple of days I’m using it in a more normal desktop mode and seeing how that works out for me.

Quick Update: Updated software before bed and now half of metro apps are crashing when I try to open them including my precious messenger.

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  1. Annie says:

    hey Howie, great first day. I hope you are keeping a file of the teckie stuff because it is very important to us here at Q2B. We would like to depend on you for that info.

  2. gamekeys says:

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