Windows 8 Desktop Experience

So it’s been a few days since the last update was given on widows 8.
I have only been using desktop mode over the duration and cheated on this windows only the one time to sync up my iPhone (ran out of uses on my itunes account to activate this windows).
I really wish I could tell you something earth shattering so about it but really I haven’t posted because I haven’t really come up with a whole lot to say about it. It’s windows 7 when you get away from metro.

I did learn that one of my minor complaints of there not being a search bar or some other way to pull up the start menu was not right . I walked away from the computer and kinda just pushed my mouse away and accidentally found a sub menu with a button for “devices” “settings” “share” “search” and the big surprise “START!!!!” There is actually a (hidden) start button in here! Dragging the mouse to the lower right pulls up the menu.

Also found that if you are copying multiple items to multiple flash drives which I do from time to time and I know how slow it can get by doing so, eventually you end up killing some of the copies and end up having to do the others again later. Now there is a pause option for when it is too slow for you to bear which is great for me.

Anyways thats just a quickie update. Full post coming later in the week

Also there is a new task manager and it’s a lot better than the ones before it in my opinion.

New "clean" task manager

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