22% of Americans Still don’t use the internet

This is hard for me to believe. I really thought the amount of Americans not on the internet would be 10% or so by now but this is not the case as according to the pew research center. I can’t help but feel the numbers are skewed a bit though and they could be more like 25% when certain people who were left out of the poll are taken into account.

1) The Amish – The poll was done over the telephone to ask if the person on the other end was using the internet and well…..the Amish lack the technology of the telephone and somehow I’m not certain the populous of the Amish was added into the equation when they put all of their data together.

2) 2012 Over exaggerators – This American is in the wilderness of Montana spending out his time building a propane powered bunker to avoid 2012 destruction but I can’t help but think he will feel the need to have a cell phone handy at all times is a priority at the moment but if he does I don’t think it’s internet capable.

3) People hiding from black helicopters – This has to be about 3% of Americans and they wont dare go on the internet for fear of being found I’m sure.

In all seriousness though I am shocked that the number is as high as it is because to even get a job these days you need the internet. The paper application has for all intensive purposes has been discarded like helmets after a war. So even the jobless need the internet, if you live in a city any one with a homeless community and public libraries  walk into the library and I’m pretty sure you will see at least one homeless person on the internet (they however were not included in the study because of lack of phone)

The largest demographic that is not on the net is the 65+ year old person and that is where most of the 22% come into account. I can understand that because I think as an old man I will become so stubbon and used to my own routines that I would reject any new fangled devices in my life that I didn’t need the previous 64 years. On the other hand though…My Great Grandmother was on the internet well into her 80’s and would travel with her laptop. (Maybe they didn’t hear the phone ringing though for the poll).

Final Point (and it’s a real one)

Think about how many of us were not connected 12 years ago when the calendar flipped into the 21st century. I was just barely connected and the modem noises still haunt me in my dreams but man was that 32k connection speed awesome!

I am in full agreement with the poll for how many were on the internet in 2000 a whopping 47%
Most of us have a memory of going to a friends house as kids and finding out they had the internet and the oohing and awing began. Now we carry it with us in our pockets getting baseball scores as they happen while stuck at work and sadly can’t make it to the business man special game, or looking up ingredients for a recipe you want to try while at the grocery store. Sometimes I get that urge to go back in time or think what if the past 12 or so years has been a dream and then I remember all of the tech that I would be missing and even at my most nostalgic moments question the whole idea of going back…however I think if I did I would spend the time trying to beat apple to the development of the iPhone and invent facebook while I’m at it.

In 10 years time I think we may be down to about 4% of people who won’t be on the internet and that will be mostly comprised of the Amish.

Img credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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4 Responses to 22% of Americans Still don’t use the internet

  1. I never really think those polls are correct. I mean there is no way to call everyone and ask them to get a truly accurate number. And ur so right about the Amish etc. I think the number might be lower.

    • howie kurtz says:

      With things like politics I think there is a certain level of truth in polls done this way but with technology especially the internet I don’t think there is a good way to do it and it seems a bit silly if nothing else to grab a phone book and just start robodialing people. What is really surprising to me is that cell phones don’t really get these types of poll calls it’s more business and residential so what this says is 22% of people that still have house phones don’t have the internet….who are they calling to get that kind of a response?!?!? and can I get funding to sit on my phone all day to do a phone poll? I’m thinking calling people and asking what percentage of Americans have their refrigerator running? and what percent should try and catch it?

  2. Val says:

    A lot of older people probably just can’t afford it or don’t think they’d be able to use it. I don’t know about America (I’m in the UK) but here there are a lot of older people who still think the internet is some ‘new fangled thing’.

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