One month birthday spectacular!!

It’s been a whole month now and 5 posts later we have made the first hurdle and haven’t been overcome with lazyness or given up!!! I think we all deserve a pat on the back (mostly the readers) every post has gone up in views and has more than exceded my expectations. The total amount of countries reading this has gone up to 8 and the United Kingdom has read the last post more than any other country (perhaps only 12% of people in the UK don’t use the internet) and I am really happy with the results of how this is progressing so far! Thank you all. Who wants cake?


Unfortunatly it’s not sunday and most of the week I mull over what to write about all week and post on sunday but I saw the date and kinda figure I need to write something, so take a quick coffee break while I grab my notes really quick…be right back.

Grab bag Thursday!  

Too many to latch on to (slow week)

Fisrt up is…..

Intel –

Thank you for finally entering the world of mobile phones (in India) Trying very hard to make a push into the smart phone market a few years late you have decided to bring your atom processor with you a processor that would have worked a couple of years ago in a phone but still falls short of mobile processing today. Final Point: If it worked on keeping your net book slow and lagging chances are it won’t work on cell phones either. I have a laptop with a single core Intel processor it still runs windows xp and in the modern world it works but only just. I only hope that this is a trial run while they shrink down the i series. Also the phone is called the xolo, when you see a Japanese name beginning with an “x” if memory serves it makes a “CH” sound when pronounced. So lets put our hands together for the Intel Cholo!
Windows 8

I found this video the other day of Windows 8 being used on a tablet against an iPad2 (here)
To put it simply I am blown away by it. There are a ton of things that annoy me about windows 8 metro and the big thing is how the app switching works on my desktop and on a tablet it just makes since and the desktop enviroment is still running behind it. Final Point: While windows 8 looks great and runs from the looks of it great on a tablet it still has it’s problems but don’t forget that it’s only a beta and will get better as time goes on before the official launch of the system. The video was meant to show how much better it is than the iPad and I never got the impression that apple should be scared too much but goolge should be. That video made android look obsolete to me and I have said for a long time now how I would not get an iPad simply because I don’t want a big version of my phone and I will get an android tablet…well not anymore. Here is a bold prediction, Android will ONLY be a phone os in 2 years and any tablet with it will be an old one or chinese.

I still don’t care about draw something
Thats all I have to say about that.

I do not want to read my tech news from someone who has ever written a gamer blog
I immediately close the page if there is a list of authors links to how to power level, frag people faster, or any other gaming tips. Not that I have anything against gamers but I try to read things from people who I can see me hanging out with and having a discussion about the topic over a beer. I think that if you are keeping up with both chances of catching you away from your xbox or you computer are slim to none so I won’t be able to run into you at that bar in my hypothetical situation.

Again thank you for reading and please continue reading for as long as the posts keep coming!

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