Fbi Shutting Down Internet For Up To 350,000 People in July

Trying to not get too technical but still trying to inform broadly (hmm…tall order)

Ok so for about 4 years there was a hacking ring comprised of Estonian nationals that had a piece of malware that would go into your computer and change your dns settings (about 4 million computers) and the sites you would visit were given the advertisements that the hackers were in charge of. Web ads are done on a pay per click basis and these 6 guys as a result made 14 million dollars over the stretch of their run.

In November of last year the FBI came in and arrested these men but made the decision to leave their servers up and running. I have no idea why they would do that my only guess is that they didn’t want to shut down the internet for that many computers. I really do hope that the mass amount of people with this on their computers have found the malware and fixed them.

Here is the FBI link to check and fix your computer if you are infected 

I don’t think mass panic is in order here and people will panic but and I always believe this you have to stay somewhat plugged in to tech news not too deep into it but enough that you skim the headlines about once a week of a site like techcrunch/mashable or my blog 😀  to avoid issues that could pop up and cause another y2k style effect. I’m not the most plugged in person in the world (this story broke late last week and I am talking about it today for example)

The FBI screwed up by trying to do a good thing but they are still a government agency and they suck at talking to people and thats where we the bloggers/wordpress community come in to translate and spread the word and try to stop the FBI’s accidental fear mongering.

Final Point

Please just run the checks on your computer and run a good anti virus on your machines.
I use antivir myself and don’t have any issues with viruses you can download it in the link provided in the name.  It’s free and works lighter and better than pay for antivirus programs like Norton.

Protect yourself and your computer. Don’t let the FBI unplug your internet if you don’t have to
June 2012 Update:
Google has joined in to check your dns when you do a search and will alert you if you are a victim running one of the affected computers. Go GOOGLE!!

July 9th is the cutoff date so be sure to either use google or visit the FBI link provided above


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