Google V Oracle & Windows 8 review part 3

It’s been a slower week in tech news, aside from the Google vs. Oracle patent infringement lawsuit. I’ve been following that and if I’m one of the jurors I hate to say it I think Oracle is going to win based on everything put out in evidence so far. You can read more about it here.

Outside of that there hasn’t really been much going on, I mean yeah there is an app out now where you simulate running from zombies (pretty cool) I considered taking up running after reading that. I hope I find something for my usual Sunday posting soon.

A slow week gives me a great chance to go back into my Windows 8 review.

Windows 8

It’s been over one month now since I’ve been using it as my primary OS and I have fallen in love with it. Only one real issue with that, when I fall in love with a version of windows it’s a flop commercially IE: Vista. On the other hand when I hate one it’s a huge success IE: XP. I think windows xp got way to much credit for being a stable system it failed for me badly and the reason I ended up going to Vista is because xp crashed on me 5 times in a month sadly that’s more than I can put up with. Vista has crashed on me once since I switched over. I have never used windows 7 as an OS on any of my computers and why should I if vista hasn’t really failed me but the one time and keeping a stable version of windows on my computer is really high on my list of priorities.

The Windows app store is still Pretty barren right now and to say it has hit the 100 app number I think would be a bit of a stretch. There is a wordpress app and I thought that would be perfect for me I could add new blogs for the review from metro itself, unfortunately that’s not the case. It’s a wordpress reader only and my posts aren’t on there yet :/ I hope someone at wordpress is reading this and fixes the posting from the app nonexistence.

8 has not crashed yet and I had to push it a bit to make the ram usage go to around 55% with lots of apps going and 3 youtube windows, gmail, facebook the normal lot in chrome. I am worried to do a full blown stress test of the system to find the crash point but I know I will have to do that in a month or so.

The metro interface took some time getting used to but after I did navigating it even with a mouse feels normal now and I think that is what Microsoft is counting on people to do when this comes out for real.
If you use windows for business don’t worry there will be an enterprise version as well. If you are a coder and write programs I say start writing apps for windows metro and phone. There couldn’t be a better place to make a name for yourselves as an app builder in my opinion, there aren’t really any apps out there right now, the nokia lumina 900 costs all of $99 and will eventually become a free phone for new subscribers and verizon is trying to get a windows phone in their lineup to replace blackberries (I suspect with same pricing and eventually free as well) HTC will also start boosting production of windows phones and the biggest seller is not only will you be able to make apps for peoples phones but they can be available for their desktops or tablets as well what else do you need? Oh right the tools to make apps ha here you go

Hopefully you are still reading after all of that.
Don’t forget new posts are coming weekly on Sundays
I promise the Sunday posts will be more entertaining than the random weekday posts (those are more for getting information out)

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