Is Google+ Possibly the loneliest place in the world?

Seriously this has to be one of the most known about secrets in the world and I for one would like to know why there hasn’t been a migration of people to it yet. There are plenty of reasons that + should have more users than it’s gathered for example..

1) It has a much cleaner and more polished interface compared to Facebook.
2) They don’t change the layout every other month
3) It feels more adult
4) Gmail is required if you have an android phone and you create your + account from gmail

I would like to see a migration to the service before Facebook goes public just because I think Facebook thinks it’s too big to fail and would very much like to be the Windows of the internet.

About 4 or so years ago I was reading a story on how Zuckerburg and Bill Gates were becoming friends and it got me thinking that Zuckerburg would like to link the whole internet through Facebook and that just sounded so unrealistic and difficult to wrap my head around I basically wrote myself off as a conspiracy theorist and moved on to using Facebook and going about my business only telling select people my wild conspiracy theories. As time has passed Yahoo used to be my main source for news on the web and now I’m moving to apps within Facebook like the Washington post social reader and Mashable, when I do read my articles on Yahoo they are shared with my friends on Facebook, if you want you can like my blog here on wordpress and share it with your friends on facebook. Nearly every web page has a facebook like button now or a link to get to a facebook profile. Maybe I wasn’t so crazy after all.

The new Timeline view really annoys me, for starters I didn’t get a choice of weather I wanted to use it or not. I woke up on April 1st and clicked on my page to listen to some music because thats about all my Facebook page has been good for I just keep placing youtube videos of songs I like there so I can easily access the songs at any time and hear them again without trying to think about it. and there I was in Timeline view with a notification saying I have until the 8th to preview and customize my timeline and on the 8th it will go live. I really hoped it was just an unfunny April fools joke via Facebook unlike google maps kangaroos that was kinda funny 
So I customized it and turned it on 3 days early because I was more annoyed about how I was the only person who had to view my page on timeline and my friends and family got to see my page the way I wasn’t allowed to anymore.

Timeline has more to do with Facebook’s IPO than anything else. The timeline streamlines and accurately compiles your activity by date and time like facebook had done previously but now there are ways to see your trends on a month to month or year to year basis to sell more targeted ads based on your activity. I don’t think that it’s a malicious thing to do necessarily but never the less I don’t like how you are forced to change your experience because of the stock market, if Facebook’s stock goes down will they change the site again? Yes they will because it’s not about networking anymore it’s a business where we all are the business plan. Facebook has being social as the only thing going for it…well that and Instagram and that’s just a social picture app so yeah social is the only thing they have. They aren’t selling products or services to people just a place to talk to each other and post pictures and videos for free and most of the companies on wall street actually sell something to consumers.

Google’s entire business model is not based on being social like that of Facebook they do sell products and are more a part of our lives because we accept them into it by adopting services they have over the years like search, gmail, android and eventually + and I hope glasses (nerdy as hell but could be so cool) Also they aren’t run by a kid who happened to get lucky and kill Myspace. I’m about the same age as Marc Zuckerburg and I know I should not be given majority control of a company I would like about 45% of a vote and leave the other 55% spread out to a lot of people that way when I wake up with an idea I don’t say just get it done it will have to be thought about by many people before it happens. I’m too impulsive like most people my age and despite best interests I may very well bring my company to it’s knees with one impulsive idea and one day it will happen with Facebook.

Google will do a lot wrong but they do so much right that most of the time it goes unnoticed by the masses. They are being sued for patent infringement by Oracle for use of Java in android and not many people I know are aware of it. I am an avid user of Google every day I search for things, look up my bus routes, check my gmail and now my + account too. They are by no means perfect but they do have one big thing going for them that facebook doesn’t and that’s the absence of a kid running the company with an iron fist and I will take that any day.

Join me on Google+ and lets try to make a change in the world of social media. Facebook has become a site   that feels like it lost it’s way and will force your hand to do what it wants you to do and has been overly populated by people who aren’t networking at all and just send you game requests and upload memes.
Also if you do have a Google+ and are feeling as lonely as I am these days on it I am accepting followers or friends or is it circles or plus 1’s…well whatever it’s called lets turn + into a place where the good parts of twitter and facebook live and all of the bad can stay at twitter and facebook.

I am here

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7 Responses to Is Google+ Possibly the loneliest place in the world?

  1. hartsoffice says:

    I like Google + a lot more as well. I almost want to give up in Facebook, but everyone I know is there…but it is tedious conversation and obnoxiously filled with those stupid games. If Googe wanted to shut down Google + putting games that you can invite others to would be the best way to do it!

    • howie kurtz says:

      I really would like to see Google take care of plus right. So far it just seems like a great networking space and even though it is great for social networking you still feel like you have a personal life outside of the online life. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a lot of friends/followers on there yet but right now the grass certainly seems greener and until I am proven wrong on it I am definitely hoping for a Myspace to facebook style of migration.

  2. I set it up but my life was already established on Facebook and I only had a few people using Google+ so it was a chore to check it.

  3. howie kurtz says:

    Did anyone notice that today Facebook is now allowing you to put your organ donor status up? That really creeps me out not for any reason other than I get to broadcast to the world that I am going to be parted out when I go…dunno just gives me shivers.

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