Cell Phone Week!! + Grab bag

Samsung released the new Galaxy S phone and it’s really pretty! (too cheesy?) ok it looks great!

I’m not a huge fan of android anymore (thats the fault of my iPhone) but this makes me question my iPhone for the first time…well as a second phone to switch with at least.
I have always felt that android like linux has felt cheap and not much has gone into the idea of the of user experience it was more of a techie thing giving functionallity and customization like a pc but sadly it was never a good phone to look at from where I stand but samsung has skinned ICS beautifully. The lock screen will ripple as you touch it now I could be off here but that seems like user experience being enhanced on an android device!!

The Tech


  • 2.5G [GSM/GPRS/EDGE]
  • 3G [HSPA+]
  • 4G [Depends on the market]


  • 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED [1280*720 pixels]


  • Rear-facing: 8 MP; Auto focus capable; LED Flash equipped; Zero Shutter Lag; BSI (Back-illuminated sensor)
  • Front-facing: 1.9 MP; LED Flash; Zero Shutter Lag; BSI (Back-illuminated sensor)
  • Front shooter capable of shooting at 720p@30fps; Main shooter capable of shooting Full HD 1080p@30fps


  • Wifi (a/b/g/n)
  • NFC (Near field communication)
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • Accelerometer
  • RGB Light sensor
  • Digital Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Proximity Sensor


  • 16GB/32GB/64GB Units available
  • MicroSD Expansion options


  • 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, 133 grams


  • 2100 Milliampere/hour

    Cool but creepy featureThe phone will watch your eyes and your movements! I don’t know if this is a cell phone anymore or a device one of my exes came up with.
    When you look at the phone the screen will come on, in contrast you look away the screen will turn off. While  texting perhaps said stalker ex for example it would be best to not lift the phone to your ear because it will auto dial the person you are having a text conversation with.

    By far this is the smartest phone we have seen. It’s also HUGE!
    Measuring in at 4.8 inches on the screen it’s too big and I don’t understand the push for half tablet sized phones and find myself pining for a smaller phone. much like this one

    Alright maybe not like this one but you get my drift

    Samsung has set out to beat the iPhone and they are throwing everything they have at it. This should be fun if nothing else to watch.

    Apple Weighs In

    Not to be outdone the day after the launch specs of the iPhone 5 have been leaked out by a credible source (the man who got the iPad3 right) The article is here

    The new version of the iPhone will be larger but not in the gargantuan sence that Samsung has gone. It will be 4 inches instead of the 3.5 we have all come to know and get bored with to be honest.

    It will feature a metal plate backing (the liquid metal we have heard so much about)
    The glass is Gorrila Glass 2 (lighter and thinner)
    A new smaller dock
    I’m also convinced this will be on LTE as well and it’s about time.

    Grab Bag

    Move aside Tupac I’m going to be a hologram too and so can everyone else!

    More work needs to be done but man this is cool and I want one.

    Let the discussion commence.

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2 Responses to Cell Phone Week!! + Grab bag

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  2. howie kurtz says:

    A little bit of bragging here.
    As of today Yahoo! finally started talking about the new iPhone rumors. Now I’m not saying I was going that in depth with it but my little rinky dinky technology blog beat them to the punch! and I don’t post that often.
    Howie-1 Yahoo!-0
    Go Me!!

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