Starting to feel like an army recruiter now

So I am still doing my push to make google+ to not feel as barren as it has since it’s been introduced to me. So far I have added three actual friends and another is on the way!! still a long way to go compared to Facebook which has about 160 but it’s progress none the less.
I have taken to following people who I will actually kinda care about what they post and that seems to make it feel a little better and more like there can be a life there after all.

I am starting to feel like an Army recruiter now with telling my friends about google+ I’m waiting for one of them to tell me “I’m flat footed and gay so I can’t join” or have someone tell me to go bother someone else. Maybe it’s a worthless fight but I think more people just need to try it. Seriously lets drive down facebook’s stock before it gets set to go. I’ve said it over and over they are thinking they are too large to fail and lets knock them down a peg. They may start to care about public opinion a little bit more if we did and maybe we will still be seen as dollar signs but dollars that can move away and sit in someone else’s pocket if we want to.

They updated the app version of plus today and it’s very possibly the prettiest app you can have for your iPhone I haven’t seen it on android yet but I’m pretty sure google will make it look amazing on their devices.

I realize this is a day later than I said I would post and well…sorry again. For things that interest me it’s been slow as hell and I really didn’t think I had a story for today and was just going to eat my dinner shower and sleep but lucky day!

Help me slowly drive the IPO down and lets add a +1 account and +1 My page and any other page you actually see the button on that you like. Who knows you may even have fun doing it.

More to come this weekend I will have time to actually pre-write and edit a post or two!

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