The golden age of the telephone

I have gone through all of my wordpress articles tonight and realized two important things.

1) I have strayed from my writing style and become a bit more “ranty” especially with my last post, and you the reader have shown me that’s not a good thing for me to do so hopefully for the last time I will say sorry once again, it’s also the third in a row I have made an appology and I do not intend on giving more of them out so I am avoiding the more mindless ranting about the evils of social networking.

2) I have danced around the topic of phones and haven’t really done a good article about them and that is where we will begin today.

The Golden Age of the Telephone 

It’s 2012 now and it’s been  137 years since Alexander Graham Bell obtained the first patent for the telephone and ever since it started to catch on it never slowed down in users.
I love going back and watching anything in black and white from the three stooges, Andy Griffith, Hitchcock and the Marx Brothers and one of the things that makes them feel great and classic is the phones in the scenes. They are timeless and classic simple tools but are very nice to look at due to the person making a call having to lift the earpiece and speak into the microphone attached to the base of the phone. I really do feel the old phones like that are art. 
Going through time we have all had a house phone and can go back and remember the disputes of being a teenager or just a member of a family and bargaining or even pleading your case why you need the phone that day/night weather it was a call from the office or talking to your latest crush all night.
There was also the now funny but then annoying feature of anyone in the house picking up another phone and dialing while you were having a great conversation (I don’t think that ever happened to me when I was on the phone arranging a hang out…) and as teenagers the phone in the house was so important to us and it drove our parents mad. I heard a great story about how someone used the house phone as a way to trick their parents to think they were inside and not out breaking curfew and the story goes like this.
“I would call home at 11:00 or so after breaking my curfew but knowing my parents were in bed I would call and one of them would pick up and I would say into the phone, it’s ok it’s for me…sorry I know people shouldn’t be calling this late and I will get off the phone in a second.”
Simply genius

The Cell Phone

Here we are now and almost everyone has one now and they just keep getting smarter and smarter every year (not necessarily the people but the phones for sure)
The days of the house phone are becoming a forgotten memory and we occasionally wonder to ourselves and our friends somewhat jokingly how we ever lived without our cell phones and the idea of a cord on our phones has become so archaic we hardly remember having to ever hook up a phone.

50% of people in America are on smart phones
48% of people in Great Britain are on smart phones

And as those numbers continue to grow I can all but promise you that out of all of the people on smart phones 30% know how to use them to their maximum potential. I want to sponsor a poll and ask all of the people in the world why did they decide to get a smartphone? Excluding fashion I think we will find the top reason was for more connectivity. Second will be the need to become more socially plugged in and third to play games.

I did a small article on the new Samsung Galaxy SIII last week and the phone is very cool very big and very creepy. When you look at the phone it knows it and will turn the screen on for you when you look away it will turn the screen off and that means it is always watching you and wants to be looked at. It’s an attention starved device and just wants your acceptance apparently. Apple is going to increase the size of the iPhone (I beat Yahoo! to talking about the latest iPhone 5 rumors and am very proud of that) The thing I realized and this is why I bring up an old post on here is I referenced how before the touchscreen smart phones people were trying their damnedest to shrink the cell phone (See L.G. Chocolate) and the mentality has flipped 180 to bigger is better.

Final Point
So now the cell phone is still technically a consumer electronic and I just don’t buy that definition I think it has become a “Lifestyle Counterpart” no matter what your hobbies or interests are you cell phone is right next to you and it’s as much your best friend as your going to get out of a non living thing outside of a car because it will show you new ways to look at the world. Weather it’s checking your CNN app or commenting on your friends Facebook status or even gathering people to overthrow a corrupted government.

Alexander Graham Bell certainly never saw his invention becoming what it is today the second most important tool in most peoples lives and to any teenager the most important tool or it being the gateway to the whole world, an over thrower of governments, a way for two lovers young or old to just sit and listen to the other or even play angry birds and words with friends with one another.

So cheers to Mr. Bell and to the device he created to allow the world to feel just a bit smaller in a good way.

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3 Responses to The golden age of the telephone

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you are headed in the positive direction. This article is quite interesting. I, & your Grandma Annie, have witnessed the transition from the old crank phone to the new cell phone. It’s been quite a ‘trip’. I lost mine in CO last Sat. while visiting a family. Oh, it IS nice and quite, but, I NEED MY PHONE!

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