Who are you “facebook stalking” not really though

This is a bit of an old story here but I came across this some time ago and forgot about it and tonight I was trying to do some research for how facebook ranks friends and how to intend to do more for money instead of just advertising.

I promise I am not going on anymore facebook rants I really mean  it.

This was just weird when I read it in October and it’s still just as weird and confusing now. Long story short someone doing research on how facebook’s search worked stumbled across an applet and it allowed him to see how facebook ranked who he  was “stalking” the higher the – number the more you click on their page the lower the less and so on.

It works by adding a bookmark of the piece of facebook and clicking it while you are on your fb, it pulls up a list of names with the scores attached.

I don’t think it’s fully accurate though. For example there are people high on the list who’s page a very rarely go to but they do send me an inordinate amount of game requests others I talk through frequently through messenger and still rarely go to their pages so I think the short story is it’s done by how much communication you have with the people weather it’s a like on a post or photo, messages, and interaction.

The numbers are always zero followed with a decimal and a very long number for example and I am going to use the gaming blogger John here as the lab rat.

He is number two on my list yet I very rarely visit his page (no offence) but we do click the like button on the others posts we will see in the feed and here is his score
John Cubbage   -0.96841601260663

I assume you can’t hit 1.whatever because that would be you but the interactions between you and people are scored in ways I mentioned.
So maybe facebook isn’t evil after all but the scoring system needs some work. It’s been about 20 mins since I have started writing this and it just clicked to me the rank is based on who puts more stuff in your notification box. so there we go rabbit out of the hat!

Here is how you can check as well

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar 

When in facebook and in said window click the new bookmark and there it is.

It will not show you who views your page. There is not something that will so don’t ask me to tell you how to do that

Also try to have 2 facebook windows open because it cannot be turned off in said window you use and will have to close the whole window

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One Response to Who are you “facebook stalking” not really though

  1. howie kurtz says:

    Also I left this out by mistake….It’s more of a hack than anything else, it’s not an app it won’t direct you to any third party site or anything like that. It is a piece of facebook code that opens an administration window that’s all and that’s why you need to use the bookmark bar to make it run.

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