Don’t put 22″ rims on our apps. We want more horsepower!

This morning I was on the bus and as always had my Flipboard app running and I do my modern interpretation of “guy reading newspaper on the bus” and I am also going to say it’s probably the app I use most more so than facebook/google/words with friends/dice with buddies. I use all of those daily but flipboard is my main source of news. Now to an article I read via it is called “why learning code isn’t a horrible trend” and for the most part I agree with the author.

I am a firm believer if you want to drive a car you need to know not only how to check the oil and transmission fluid levels but also be able to change the tires, oil, radiator fluid and well anything that you don’t have to go into the bowels of the engine before you should buy one and if everyone was able to do this chances are your commute would be just a little bit faster day to day to work because you would have a whole lot less “stalled vehicle traffic slow next five miles” signs on the freeway.
Computers though I don’t feel it’s necessary that everyone should know coding to some degree actually I know a number of people who would think they are coders and go to far and mess with things they really shouldn’t and mess up somebody’s machine and I can only hope it would be their own.

However if most knew some level of code we could get this nice little click of technology or apps for that matter that are like the street racing/car modding community and take these things that are a really good starting point IE making an old Honda CRX and tuning to outrun a Camaro.
Great example…do you like your facebook app on your iPad? “No” Why not? “I can’t play my games” Oh…someone did make a better facebook app for the iPad called the worx.

The CRX in this analogy is facebook but the team at iSwifter made it better, they are utilizing cloud technology and linking it into their facebook app and it will open facebook up on the iPad much like it is on the computer. You have access to elements like flash games normally a huge no no on any iOS device so you can go to your castleville app and annoy the hell out of your friends with more game requests. There is a great plus for facebook here (I think they need to buy this company as of yesterday) their app still has facebooks ad’s visible. Facebook has had a royal pain in the mobile market so much of a pain they spent a billion dollars to purchase instagram so they can put more of a foot hole in mobile but they haven’t figured out how to make money off of mobile. The bulk of their plan for getting money has been to go with the on site advertising and they just don’t have it on any handheld device and it’s right there front and center in “the worx” These are ad’s that a large amount of people don’t see even on the web version of the site because most of us on chrome or firefox use adblock.

So average people learning some code is a pretty decent idea and it is going to be a lot like the car tuning community you will get some gems but for the most part a whole lot of people throwing 22″ rims on a crown victoria (don’t be that guy)

Want to learn a little bit of coding and aren’t sure about signing up for a course at college yet? Visit

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