Windows 8 Release Candidate June 1st


Going into today I thought I was going to do a review of the cross platform app Sidecar for Android and iOS but the app crashed off the bat and would not allow a call to be answered. I am working with the developers to fix it and a hopefully fully functioning review will come soon.

That’s right one week from tomorrow you can get the nearest to complete beta of the latest installment of windows.
It is being said that windows 8 will be coming with flash preinstalled. This makes a lot of sense for a couple of reasons
1) This is going on tabets and microsoft needs a feature that the ipad does not have to help push sales outside of the normal early adopters and hopefully wrestle a potential ipad buyer away from apple.

2) I hate not having flash preinstalled because it’s always the first thing I install when I put a computer together after an antivirus and chrome.

So if it’s true that they took away native dvd support from windows media to save cost flash is where they put that extra money.

I can’t wait to try the new version because I think this will be the first version of windows I buy at launch. At first I couldn’t stand the idea of windows 8 but after using it almost exclusively for 3 months I don’t like going back to previous versions of windows and come October I will be putting my windows vista away. I realize I seem like someone who likes versions of windows that nobody else likes but vista works for me. I built my computer to run vista to it’s fullest and didn’t bring a crap computer along for the ride with me. I built this system in 2007 and halfway through 2012 all I have done to it is add 2 hard drives, 2gb of ram and a 1080p video card…for 5 years of life that’s not so bad, I have toyed with the idea of going 3d but don’t see the point yet. This is what my first system upgrade will be for my windows 8 machine
The Leap

With 8 my 5 year old computer flys and feels like it did when I built it and booted it for the first time.
Yes I will hopefully be getting a windows tablet in novemeber or december to replace my laptop but the most important thing about the new windows not being said is it is going to extend the life of older machines.

*Correction to an older post “the post pc era”

After rethinking my point about the tablet and the desktop I have changed my mind
Tablets do not spell the death of the desktop computer. They will live a long life still and it will be a very long one as they move into support roles for the tablet. Laptops however will not be so lucky and will be a real afterthought in 5 years.


You can get windows 8 here The download will be for virtual use. If you want to get the ISO file and run in pure windows Go Here 64 and 32 bit are available.

Happy Computing

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