Facebook Camera For iOS Review

Facebook unveiled a new app for the iPhone and it’s called “Facebook Camera”

In essence it’s an instagram clone but they have managed to not actually use any of instagram in making it but it really does look and feel the same.
On the plus side facebook camera lets you crop your pictures while instagram does not.
They also promise faster upload time than if you were using the facebook iPhone app, you can also tag photos before you upload them and upload multiple images at once.

Here are some screenshots of the app in use

You can browse only pictures you and your friends have uploaded in the main screen


Select from any image in your phones photo library to tag/upload/edit 

From the camera screen it’s very basic. You can turn the flash on/off or put it in auto. Pick which camera you want to use. Go back to the home screen and review pictures


Here you can select to crop/edit/upload to facebook


You can select from the 15 available filters to put the finishing touches on your camera

Overall its a very good app and I will be keeping it on my phone. However I’m not a huge photo sharer so I may only use the app when I am out with friends and hopefully remember that I actually have the app but since it does let you go through the pictures you have already taken if I fail to remember I have the app I can go back in a few days to upload them.

One question has been stuck in my head since I first installed this app. Chances are that they have been working on this since before the billion dollar purchase of instagram and this holds its own against it so why did they buy instagram in the first place? It looks more like a burning of money to me. I would have just waited and added these features to a facebook branded instagram and not let this out into the world and have people like me question the waste of a billion dollars.

Overall the app gets a 4.5 out of five from me

The negatives that hurt it for me
-you can’t save the edited pictures without uploading them to facebook
-I accidentally uploaded a couple of pictures today in my trial (not their fault but needs mentioning)
-they need more filters

The Positives
-fast uploading of multiple images
-tagging before you post the picture
-good filters
-photo cropping
-browsing only images from your facebook friends
-selection of old images in your phone

So weather you are a facebook junkie or a casual user you will find a use for this on your iPhone and I will recommend getting it. It’s free so why not

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