Asleep at the wheel

Sorry about the whole nothing going on over here thing. There isn’t really a good reason for it either, I mean there has been so much going on in the world of technology over the past week and I have just been eating it up but not passing any of it along. We have E3 starting as of the 4th where microsoft just did some massive updates to the 360. United States branded viruses Stuxnet running wild and the flame virus going on a tangent. In Asia Windows 8 tablets are being unveiled at computex. Facebook is at a new low at wall street so they are allowing kids to sign up for service now. Hell there have even been multiple zombie incidents this week! and where have I been? Asleep at the wheel.

Tomorrow I will talk about all of these but want to try something new. I have a poll added and with all of the topics above but I want the reader to tell me what they want to know more about. Pick away!

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