On a day when I should be reading apple news….

I come across this from readwriteweb entitled how “Windows 8 throws computer users under the bus”
Seeing as Windows 8 was my starting point for this site in the first place and funny enough I actually ended up really liking the “damn thing”  and feeling a need to take up a contrary position to what was said because I really don’t agree at all and think there really isn’t much merit other than this is just a guy who REALLY doesn’t want an upgrade. Not that I have anything against not wanting to upgrade a computer, it’s 2012 and I still use vista and I’m probably one of only a couple of thousand left but I’m not the type of person who comes out and screams that it’s all bad and goes chicken little every time Microsoft makes a new version of windows like a lot of computer users do. Techies and geeks can be a lot like a combination of crotchety old man and hoarder and will scream their opinion at the top of their lungs until everyone either agrees with them or ignores them completely and they do love to have good argument about it with anyone who is willing to entertain the idea.

OK fine I’ll entertain him for a bit

But as many reviewers have noted, when you stick Metro on a full-sized computer screen, it becomes a bit ridiculous. A sea of tiles swimming on a 27-inch monitor doesn’t make any sense – and how does it look on two big-screen displays?

I think it looks fine on 2 displays personally…

2 Display set up on my desk

OH NO SO HORRIBLE!! The agonyyyyyy

Also metro isn’t that rediculous the screen to the right is 23″ and that’s not exactly a shrimpy screen. Please note this is actually a picture taken on my second day with windows 8 and I ended up loading a ton of metro apps onto it and it still worked well and was still easy to navigate. It took a little getting used to but after a week I was on metro and using it like it were just the old start button.

Despite features that let you organize the tiles, the bigger the screen, the more that Metro turns into a jumbled, confusing mess.

This brings me to my next point, to most computer users who have installed a bunch of programs on their “traditional” windows computers have and I’m sure 100% of you got lost looking for a program from start “It should be there…it was there last time I looked” Metro is actually EASIER TO NAVIGATE take time to adjust please maybe take a dive and live in a windows 8 enviroment only for a week even best suggestion would be a month like I did and you will probably agree.

He did bring up a good point too though. You don’t have to live in metro if you don’t want to by simply pinning your most used programs to your navigation bar you won’t have to go to metro often at all.

Of course, you don’t have to actually do your work in Metro – and most people won’t. It’s easy enough to move through Metro to get to a more traditional Windows-style desktop. But Microsoft has made the curious decision not to let PC-based users choose to avoid the Metro screen altogether. Unless you come up with some hack or third-party add-on (which most computer users will never do), you’ll still have to navigate through Metro every time you turn on your computer.

That simply doesn’t make any sense from an end-user perspective. Microsoft seems so infatuated with the tablets and smartphones that it’s throwing those boring old computer users under the bus. Sure, Windows 8 includes plenty of cool new features for PC users, but that’s not the point. The company is clearly betting the farm on trying to catch up in the mobile space.

I get it some people don’t like the idea of mobile getting in the way of what they want to do on their pc but what is missing from the whole article is what you gain from adding some mobile aspects to your computer. Out of the gate we all know that if we have a windows phone we will get syncing of calenders and contacts but that user is going to get added benefits of app syncing much like itunes does but chances are that you will be able to have a version of office on your phone so even if you don’t have a laptop or a tablet with you when you go to work you will have the files you were up until late in the night with you and it will be easily accessible.
At E3 Microsoft had shown off “smart glass” and it can be used with any device you already have! I really don’t think they want to pin the consumer against the wall and say “switch out all of your devices and buy ours” they tried that we knew it as the Zune (2006-2010) but was really a failure out of the gate.

They want to add functionality for the new age of computing and still have the old world elements that we are already used to still fully functional and improved on (how is that bad?)
Yes there will be a group of people who will not want to do the upgrade and stick with windows7 some will just move to apple and there may be the random odd person who will just go linux+android tablet. It just comes down to a choice “do I want to learn something new or reject new, stick head in sand and lose support from Microsoft (because that will happen too) most pc users don’t know how to operate osx and will have to learn with that switch over and lets be honest only the most hardened geeks on the planet actually care about linux (I don’t)

I’ll let Bob Dylan make my Final Point this time

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