Well there was this thing in LA today…

Rushed and confused technology reporters were at a Microsoft event today where they unveiled their own tablet line complete with kickstands and screen protectors that double as keyboard and track pad. There are going to be 2 kinds of these “Surface” tablets the RT which will run on ARM processing and let you live only in metro and will come in 32gb and 64gb respectivly. The other will be a full win8 tablet running on Intel Ivy Bridge i5 processors and will start at 64gb and have a 128gb option as well. Both are 10.6 inches not too large but still larger than the iPad and Galaxy 2.

It doesn’t appear to be as thin as it’s competors but is still lightweight according to the spec sheet at surface.com

Is it an iPad killer? No but it will put a dent in the iPad profits and sales
Is it an android tablet killer? Very much so.

Why one would buy an android tablet once these come out? Welcome back Microsoft VS Apple I’ve missed these two going head to head and duking it out. Lets face it google and it’s android platform may turn into the modern age linux (sorry linux you are now the #4 OS in the world now)

At WWDC Apple played coldplay and Siri became a standup comedian. Microsoft went with heavy dubstepish music and just let the video speak and I’m blown away.

What do you think?
Will this be the Android killer I think it is and Microsoft and Apple will be taking us back 10 years to the old fight between fanboys? Let me know in the comments

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