The site has gone on a diet

The changes are happening very slowly here but they are happening as I refocus on what this page was about when I first started it. I had tried to give a home to some other topics other than technology and only music seemed to gain traction with you guys the readers. So in turn I have removed all other pages, changed the feel and look of the site but keeping them in uniform so you know they are still my pages.
Now that it’s lighter I can focus better and deliver better posts without worrying about whats going on on the other pages (I wasn’t writing them but still wanted as much readership as this site gains which happens to be more than I expected) but don’t be surprised if I post about gaming here on occasion and by removing the dedicated gaming page it lets me do just that and cover that part of technology that I have wanted to talk about from time to time but haven’t out of respect for the other author I had there.

Don’t worry there were no harsh words in fact here is a link to his new page he put up! Please visit and make me feel a little less guilty!

Little bit of news on my technology front. I have gotten some flack for not talking about android in a positive light and recently I managed to get a motorola xoom dirt cheap from work (when I say dirt cheap I mean it) last month I got bose speakers for 7 dollars and this tablet wasn’t far from that kind of pricing, I don’t know how I was able to get it so cheap because it was a boxed tablet in our warehouse and it works great! and you know what I like android a lot more than I was expecting.

The best news is that I am now in a prime position to give new technology news to you. The computer I use is a windows 8 computer. My phone is an iPhone and my tablet will be running Jelly Bean in a couple of weeks as it’s one of the two google is going to release it for. So don’t worry about me getting caught up in the obsolete department anytime soon.

Google IO happend last week and I will post a delayed wrap up tomorrow with my thoughts about it, what I will say now is that the project glass demo was amazing to say the least and on a side note…would anyone who was there be willing to let me borrow their project glass prototypes they bought for a day??? I doubt anyone would let me touch the glasses they just spent $1500 on but never hurts to ask right?

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One Response to The site has gone on a diet

  1. Pheonix311 says:

    oh great now i feel like the guilty one because i havent had time to make any worthy posts other than “hey im here and ill be posting crap eventually” lol

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