Its been a while but I’m back

So it seems that a while since I’ve done anything at all on here.
Its time for a quick grab bag of tech news I’ve found relevant as of late.

I’m on jellybean!

Late last month my Xoom updated to 4.1.1 jelly bean. I’ve been an open critic of Android for a long time as a tech commentator and salesman but this version has me changing my tune a bit. Android used to never be pretty to look at and for me at least it was way to complicated to use if you were switching brands because every manufacturer had their own skins and layouts for android. Now since ICS its not quite that way anymore, I was playing with the galaxy tab 2 the other day and Samsung still insists on their own skins for it and that drives me a bit nuts. I have started a debate on my next phone to replace my iPhone and am openly wondering if I should get the iPhone 5 or whatever they decide to call it or get a nexus phone.
Some people were angry that flash support was not in this new version but you can side load it into your device. Just make sure you have turned on the accept downloads from web setting and go to your browser and download it.

In 3 weeks I got to use 3 different versions of Android honeycomb, ICS and jellybean watching it progressively get better every week. Like I said I’m on a Xoom a GED device that seemed to fall short of its competition and was very laggy but with the update its fast…really fast and the animations are super smooth.

If you’ve got the update available for you jump on board all ready! You’ll be glad you did.

Google translate now translates pictures

Snap a picture and it will translate it. This is big but when I saw it my first thought was “about time”

Small grab bag this time but I’ll be back with more  once I’m back on my computer. I just wanted to get a post out its been a long time and I’m posting this from my Xoom so my fingers are tired from the screens keyboard and voice dictation I’m still training my voice for. 

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