Iphone 5 vs s3 argument

Invalid! The spec wars are alive and well now but it’s already annoying everyone and I’m sure fan boys included. Samsung didn’t waste any time jumping on the new iphone 5 even after they got slapped hard for blatantly stealing apples patents and designs and paying a hefty fine.


Apple fans were quick to respond with a version of their own


Personally both of these are ridiculous especially the second one. It’s been forced and whoever made it probably hurt apples case. Let’s make this really simple. 1) I have large hands and I just measured to be sure and my hands are 7.5 inches from tip of middle finger to base of my palm so lets say man sized hands. However I think your hand should not be smaller than your phone and if it is you look a bit silly. 2) “is this really a feature?” stop being stupid 3) can you actually tell you are missing 27pixels per inch between the two phones. That’s it I’m done listing where apple fanboy is being an idiot. Here’s my real point on these phones, they were both designed for women I think and yesterday I heard people on twit say the iPhone is like a piece of jewelry and they are right but so is the s3 when thinking about it. I will not be buying either of these things when I replace my current iphone.. I actually use Google maps a ton on my phone and won’t upgrade to ios6 and I don’t like skinned android either (Samsung stop it!) 4.1 is a very stable and solid android build and actually made me like android but only in a nexus or Google genuine build not skinned clunky crap. Enjoy the fight fan boy this is my next phone and this really didn’t take a genius


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