Great Free Apps For Your Nexus 7 or 10

So you got a new tablet and picked an android one (good for you too) or you are receiving it as a holiday gift but now you don’t know where to begin with what apps to get so Here is my top ten free apps for android tablets. I know everyone has a top ten list for these things but I feel that I have some contributions to add since I use mine as a desktop computer replacement. All links are in app names

1) AVG AntiVirus for Android

Since the Android 4.2 update apps are now scanned for being malitilous in the play store itself but like with a computer you can never be too safe especially if you sideload your apps.

2) File Manager HD

Just as you would use Astro for your phone to browse your files File Manager HD is a tablet optimized file browser and manager and always a great add

3) Google Voice/Talkatone

This app combination will turn your app into a fully functional phone for free so as long as you have a wifi connection you will have a backup phone.

4) News360 Tablet

Set up a custom news feed for what you want to read and it keeps learning what kind of stories you like to read as you go so you always have relivant news for you and is a great Flipboard alternative

5) Sketch Free

I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but my girlfriend is and I downloaded this app for her to play with and see if she would like it (I keep trying to get her off of her iPad and get a nexus) and she fell in love with the app and will grab my tablet whenever she wants to draw now

6) Megatroid

Amazingly fun old school arcade shooter along the lines of megaman and metroid (hence the bad name) but you have unlimited levels and a seemingly unlimited amount of replay-ability

7) Zombie Swipeout

Think fruit ninja but with zombies. Hack and slash your way through zombies for 90 seconds and compete with your friends on facebook with weekly tourniments and in this game it’s encouraged to hit the bombs just don’t kill the good guy

8) Watch ESPN

You must have an account with a cable company to use this app (or at least a close friend with one). Watch sports or sports center from the couch while your significant other watches what they want on tv and end the argument of who watches what

9)TED Talks

Countless hours of mine are used watching these lectures and I always learn something new and insightful

10) Google Sky Map

This is stunning and free and a must see for your tablet. Map the sky and aim your device to see the constellations in your current view even if you are looking at the ground you will see the stars under you

Do you have any must have apps for your tablets? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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