Hello Again!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here, not so long that it feels like a graveyard but looking back at old posts they seem to have the potential for fossilization in the near future. 
I haven’t left the tech realm at all but I haven’t been talking about it on the internet at all really and the reason for it is that it’s been my job to talk to random people and tell them all about how wonderful the new gadgets are and that they should buy one. 

I relocated from Texas which is where I lived when I did this blog and it feels like a very long time ago and from what I can tell the only thing I have posted since the relocation is just a post of the ten android apps I think people would like, I kinda lazily threw a softball post out there and to no surprise hits spiked for a moment and fizzled and dropped but I didn’t want to talk apple anymore or Samsung for that matter. I don’t like the fan-boy ideologies that seem to happen in the tech world. I would like an iMac this is true but not a macbook or an iPad just the simple desktop would be nice. I’m not a gamer and even though if you look at my desk you would not believe me I like it to have a clean look and an iMac would help me with that. I’m a music junkie again iMac fits the bill better than even the desktop I built for myself some time ago. 

My cell phone is a HTC One why? It’s simple, user friendly, fits well in the hand, good looking, great camera when I don’t need to use a zoom, 15 hour battery and does whatever I ask it to do without lag when I want to do it. To me it’s the best phone out there but that is the best FOR ME. My fiancee has an iPhone and I actually got her to get an S4 she liked it but it wasn’t what was best for her simply put it was too much phone in a bunch of different ways. Too many features she didn’t need or even know existed. So we went back to the iPhone for her. 

My tablet is a surface, that’s right a surface and I drooled over it when it was shown for the first time because of how attractive of a device it was and I love the thing for my day to day life and I wouldn’t trade it for an android tab or even an iPad. Does it have all of the apps that are out there? not by a long shot, is it light? no. how is the touch cover? can be pretty annoying to be honest and I avoid using it to write anything lengthy. See all of the flaws it has I don’t really care because it does what I need it to do every time without fail and I always have it in my messenger bag when I leave because it works as a tablet/computer hybrid better than the other options for what I want to do.

The point I’m trying to make is give everything a chance to win you over and base it on your needs. I’m a salesman by trade and once I moved into the consumer electronics sector I’ve found out that I’m pretty damn good at it because I have no distinct loyalty to any brand but more importantly I listen to the customers and can safely help them discover what they actually need.

Some people will not buy something if it’s not a certain brand and to some extent I get that but I simply suggest with the holidays being around the corner keep the simple fact in mind that the best gift you can get someone no matter what especially if it’s in the CE category is get them something that fits their needs not something shiny they can show off for a month and then find it collecting dust or ending up on craigslist. If they are brand snobs go for it but if they aren’t they will thank you for it in the end.

Quick side note I’m actually happy enough with my devices that even though new generations are coming out I don’t have any desire to upgrade the surface or the phone however there is one thing I would like to upgrade and that is my Xbox so if anyone out there really really likes my post today and is feeling especially generous the Xbox one is on the top of my Christmas list but I promise I’ll try out the PlayStation 4 to make sure I’m getting what’s best for me. 😛

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