Phones and Simplicity

I work in retail sales as many who have read my previous posts know and I sell consumer electronics in all shapes, sizes and flavors and this has given me a great deal of insight to how the regular non nerdy person views technology. They do not care generally speaking for specs a device has like how good is the processor on a computer or phone that is actually the number one overlooked detail despite how hugely important it is I can tell someone about how the computer has an i5 processor and the clock speed and they will look at me like I’m speaking Russian. Generally as a rule of thumb I only state what the processor is and explain to them that it is faster than the one on the other computer they were looking at and give as simplistic an example of how that affects the way they use their computer based on what they tell me they do with a computer. This approach works overall and the same can be said for cell phones but overwhelmingly the people who buy phones care about three things about their next phone purchase. 
1) Who makes it (Apple, Samsung and HTC etc)
2) How good is the camera 
3) The size of the phone

Number one is huge if the person is someone who is more into fashion than functionality and will generally only be looking for an iPhone and nothing else, thankfully nearly everyone who sells phones carries the iPhone and long gone are the days where the salesman could not sell it because his employer did not have apple’s permission to sell the phone. Unfortunately for myself the company I work for does not carry the iPhone and we are still forced into turning people from iPhone’s and to android and windows phones. 

Number two works across the platforms and no matter who you choose you end up with a great camera IMO so long as you get a flagship device and not many people want to get a low end phone especially if they are going to be locked into a contract for two years. The iPhone has a great camera the S4 same story and very true with the Lumia 1020.

Third is phone size. Overall though the iPhone people will get the iPhone no matter what it’s the android people who that matters for and the market is perfect for them and you get a range of sizes to choose from. 

I’ve probably said this before but my daily driver is the HTC one and it to me is the perfect phone and I say this as a former iPhone user because sense just lacks the bloated feel and takes me far enough away from the vanilla android feel that it almost feels like a different os all together but you still know it’s android. With the release of the One 2/One+ or whatever they call it (I’m hoping they call it the one²) it promises to be exciting.

Recently I broke the double dip case that I’ve been using on my phone for a long time and went caseless and to be honest it scared the hell out of me because the phone while metal feels slippery and I did not want to drop it but consistently felt as if I was going to. I went to best buy to get a new case and couldn’t find one that wasn’t rubbish or too expensive to justify with the new one coming and the next program from at&t intriguing me a little bit. So I decided that a backup phone may just be the best route for me to go and bought the Lumia 520 for not much more than most of the cases. The funny thing is I was very surprised about how good the windows phone OS is in daily real life usage and it’s very capable for a cheap throw away kind of phone. It has a micro SD card slot so I think not only will it become my backup phone but also my mp3 player. 
I also really like the way that it communicates with my other devices (Laptop, Surface and Xbox) which just makes it feel brilliant and I can see why the apple people only buy apple products I used to think it was for uniform but it seems like the way these devices can communicate with each other it just feels like simplicity at it’s finest. 

Does this mean I’m going to trade my flagship HTC for the cheap windows phone? Absolutely not but it may mean in a year or two when the operating system has had enough time to grow and gain enough traction with developers I very well may end up with a windows phone as my daily driver. 

So what is your backup device or have you thought about getting one for some reason or another? 

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