I know I know….it’s been so long you forgot that once upon a time you subscribed to this but yet like most repressed memories I have come back to the forefront of your mind, granted this is a thought most are likely to decide to forget and go backwards but wait before you hit the unsubscribe button just remember you subscribed at least the one time and at least give this one last read or at least for this year which comes once every one to two years depending on how many drinks + thoughts I’ve had that evening.

I’ve moved in my career from all kinds of CE (Consumer Electronics) to phones to printers and laptops back to phones and now as a branded salesman. Now if I’m honest the most rewarding in my life has been phones because you get to help the consumer choose the device that they use at least 14 times on their day to day life and that is rewarding on an honest human level because when that guest/customer interacted with you; you determined what that persons life at least on a minimal level was for two years.

To me that was a responsibility that I did not take all that lightly, yes at the end of the day I would wait for you to come in and hopefully I could not only show you what you came in for but I could also fit you into a new cell phone no matter the limited selection I had to work with. I always went to make sure the customer would get some kind of improvement on their lives and at the same time minimize the return rate that I would receive. I did this not only for the customer to be happy but now I have reached my main goal to make sure that I would not receive a return on a product I sold. I became so good at it that after just over a year selling 5+ phones per week at Staples (Proud that I could do that at a company that just helps businesses and not consumers) I only yielded one single return in the time maybe it was consumer guilt for buying a phone at Staples but I’ll take a win when I can get it. Bragging aside I managed to turn a conversation about ink for the business that sent their top lackey out for ink into buying a phone for them and I got to get to know them on a personal level and use what I needed from them to sell a product I needed to sell to maintain my own personal quality of life. Is that the most ideal form of living no but it’s what I do.

I cannot stress enough that your job is to sell but if you actually help the customer who did not suspect you would actually can help them you have done your job properly. By actually helping the customer you break a barrier and the customer will open up to you this allows human communication between the two people and by doing so you can do one or two things…one being that you have helped a consumer finding and meeting a need they came in for and two things being you can help both you and the consumer to meet both of your needs, you need to sell an item so that you can maintain your live and they need a service you provide. Always remember that!

This would be a great time to note that I haven’t mentioned a picth because that is you and that is yours but most importantly it’s how you combine the unique entry into what the came for and what you have to show how they go hand in hand if it’s a typical retailer and they need a product introduce the app your store has and locate it on yours and offer to put it on their phone if you work at a kiosk and they need directions help them with that request and still offer to show what you have because you can never assume you will not meet a need at a later time. I’ve had countless customers come back because they have needed a service I sell. The most time waste guest may become a paying customer.

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