Its been a while but I’m back

So it seems that a while since I’ve done anything at all on here.
Its time for a quick grab bag of tech news I’ve found relevant as of late.

I’m on jellybean!

Late last month my Xoom updated to 4.1.1 jelly bean. I’ve been an open critic of Android for a long time as a tech commentator and salesman but this version has me changing my tune a bit. Android used to never be pretty to look at and for me at least it was way to complicated to use if you were switching brands because every manufacturer had their own skins and layouts for android. Now since ICS its not quite that way anymore, I was playing with the galaxy tab 2 the other day and Samsung still insists on their own skins for it and that drives me a bit nuts. I have started a debate on my next phone to replace my iPhone and am openly wondering if I should get the iPhone 5 or whatever they decide to call it or get a nexus phone.
Some people were angry that flash support was not in this new version but you can side load it into your device. Just make sure you have turned on the accept downloads from web setting and go to your browser and download it.

In 3 weeks I got to use 3 different versions of Android honeycomb, ICS and jellybean watching it progressively get better every week. Like I said I’m on a Xoom a GED device that seemed to fall short of its competition and was very laggy but with the update its fast…really fast and the animations are super smooth.

If you’ve got the update available for you jump on board all ready! You’ll be glad you did.

Google translate now translates pictures

Snap a picture and it will translate it. This is big but when I saw it my first thought was “about time”

Small grab bag this time but I’ll be back with more  once I’m back on my computer. I just wanted to get a post out its been a long time and I’m posting this from my Xoom so my fingers are tired from the screens keyboard and voice dictation I’m still training my voice for. 

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The site has gone on a diet

The changes are happening very slowly here but they are happening as I refocus on what this page was about when I first started it. I had tried to give a home to some other topics other than technology and only music seemed to gain traction with you guys the readers. So in turn I have removed all other pages, changed the feel and look of the site but keeping them in uniform so you know they are still my pages.
Now that it’s lighter I can focus better and deliver better posts without worrying about whats going on on the other pages (I wasn’t writing them but still wanted as much readership as this site gains which happens to be more than I expected) but don’t be surprised if I post about gaming here on occasion and by removing the dedicated gaming page it lets me do just that and cover that part of technology that I have wanted to talk about from time to time but haven’t out of respect for the other author I had there.

Don’t worry there were no harsh words in fact here is a link to his new page he put up! Please visit and make me feel a little less guilty!

Little bit of news on my technology front. I have gotten some flack for not talking about android in a positive light and recently I managed to get a motorola xoom dirt cheap from work (when I say dirt cheap I mean it) last month I got bose speakers for 7 dollars and this tablet wasn’t far from that kind of pricing, I don’t know how I was able to get it so cheap because it was a boxed tablet in our warehouse and it works great! and you know what I like android a lot more than I was expecting.

The best news is that I am now in a prime position to give new technology news to you. The computer I use is a windows 8 computer. My phone is an iPhone and my tablet will be running Jelly Bean in a couple of weeks as it’s one of the two google is going to release it for. So don’t worry about me getting caught up in the obsolete department anytime soon.

Google IO happend last week and I will post a delayed wrap up tomorrow with my thoughts about it, what I will say now is that the project glass demo was amazing to say the least and on a side note…would anyone who was there be willing to let me borrow their project glass prototypes they bought for a day??? I doubt anyone would let me touch the glasses they just spent $1500 on but never hurts to ask right?

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I came across this video

It’s something I really wanted to talk about last month but do to readers it got 0 votes among a lack of voting in general but this has to to be the scariest virus I have ever heard of!
I do place the blame for it on our government because it’s too clean and too orderly to have been generated anywhere else and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that turned out to be true. I do not want to get political on here, really I don’t…I don’t believe that we caused 9/11 ourselves and don’t give much thought to the who killed Kennedy story either so before you call me another conspiracy theorist on the  internet take that into account. Oh and also I hate Ron Paul

Stuxnet Explained

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Damn He Stole My Idea

That’s what I’ll do with my billions after my ideas are spent buy an island in Hawaii thanks for the idea #larryellison

The Strokes – Hawaii Aloha

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Well there was this thing in LA today…

Rushed and confused technology reporters were at a Microsoft event today where they unveiled their own tablet line complete with kickstands and screen protectors that double as keyboard and track pad. There are going to be 2 kinds of these “Surface” tablets the RT which will run on ARM processing and let you live only in metro and will come in 32gb and 64gb respectivly. The other will be a full win8 tablet running on Intel Ivy Bridge i5 processors and will start at 64gb and have a 128gb option as well. Both are 10.6 inches not too large but still larger than the iPad and Galaxy 2.

It doesn’t appear to be as thin as it’s competors but is still lightweight according to the spec sheet at

Is it an iPad killer? No but it will put a dent in the iPad profits and sales
Is it an android tablet killer? Very much so.

Why one would buy an android tablet once these come out? Welcome back Microsoft VS Apple I’ve missed these two going head to head and duking it out. Lets face it google and it’s android platform may turn into the modern age linux (sorry linux you are now the #4 OS in the world now)

At WWDC Apple played coldplay and Siri became a standup comedian. Microsoft went with heavy dubstepish music and just let the video speak and I’m blown away.

What do you think?
Will this be the Android killer I think it is and Microsoft and Apple will be taking us back 10 years to the old fight between fanboys? Let me know in the comments

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On a day when I should be reading apple news….

I come across this from readwriteweb entitled how “Windows 8 throws computer users under the bus”
Seeing as Windows 8 was my starting point for this site in the first place and funny enough I actually ended up really liking the “damn thing”  and feeling a need to take up a contrary position to what was said because I really don’t agree at all and think there really isn’t much merit other than this is just a guy who REALLY doesn’t want an upgrade. Not that I have anything against not wanting to upgrade a computer, it’s 2012 and I still use vista and I’m probably one of only a couple of thousand left but I’m not the type of person who comes out and screams that it’s all bad and goes chicken little every time Microsoft makes a new version of windows like a lot of computer users do. Techies and geeks can be a lot like a combination of crotchety old man and hoarder and will scream their opinion at the top of their lungs until everyone either agrees with them or ignores them completely and they do love to have good argument about it with anyone who is willing to entertain the idea.

OK fine I’ll entertain him for a bit

But as many reviewers have noted, when you stick Metro on a full-sized computer screen, it becomes a bit ridiculous. A sea of tiles swimming on a 27-inch monitor doesn’t make any sense – and how does it look on two big-screen displays?

I think it looks fine on 2 displays personally…

2 Display set up on my desk

OH NO SO HORRIBLE!! The agonyyyyyy

Also metro isn’t that rediculous the screen to the right is 23″ and that’s not exactly a shrimpy screen. Please note this is actually a picture taken on my second day with windows 8 and I ended up loading a ton of metro apps onto it and it still worked well and was still easy to navigate. It took a little getting used to but after a week I was on metro and using it like it were just the old start button.

Despite features that let you organize the tiles, the bigger the screen, the more that Metro turns into a jumbled, confusing mess.

This brings me to my next point, to most computer users who have installed a bunch of programs on their “traditional” windows computers have and I’m sure 100% of you got lost looking for a program from start “It should be there…it was there last time I looked” Metro is actually EASIER TO NAVIGATE take time to adjust please maybe take a dive and live in a windows 8 enviroment only for a week even best suggestion would be a month like I did and you will probably agree.

He did bring up a good point too though. You don’t have to live in metro if you don’t want to by simply pinning your most used programs to your navigation bar you won’t have to go to metro often at all.

Of course, you don’t have to actually do your work in Metro – and most people won’t. It’s easy enough to move through Metro to get to a more traditional Windows-style desktop. But Microsoft has made the curious decision not to let PC-based users choose to avoid the Metro screen altogether. Unless you come up with some hack or third-party add-on (which most computer users will never do), you’ll still have to navigate through Metro every time you turn on your computer.

That simply doesn’t make any sense from an end-user perspective. Microsoft seems so infatuated with the tablets and smartphones that it’s throwing those boring old computer users under the bus. Sure, Windows 8 includes plenty of cool new features for PC users, but that’s not the point. The company is clearly betting the farm on trying to catch up in the mobile space.

I get it some people don’t like the idea of mobile getting in the way of what they want to do on their pc but what is missing from the whole article is what you gain from adding some mobile aspects to your computer. Out of the gate we all know that if we have a windows phone we will get syncing of calenders and contacts but that user is going to get added benefits of app syncing much like itunes does but chances are that you will be able to have a version of office on your phone so even if you don’t have a laptop or a tablet with you when you go to work you will have the files you were up until late in the night with you and it will be easily accessible.
At E3 Microsoft had shown off “smart glass” and it can be used with any device you already have! I really don’t think they want to pin the consumer against the wall and say “switch out all of your devices and buy ours” they tried that we knew it as the Zune (2006-2010) but was really a failure out of the gate.

They want to add functionality for the new age of computing and still have the old world elements that we are already used to still fully functional and improved on (how is that bad?)
Yes there will be a group of people who will not want to do the upgrade and stick with windows7 some will just move to apple and there may be the random odd person who will just go linux+android tablet. It just comes down to a choice “do I want to learn something new or reject new, stick head in sand and lose support from Microsoft (because that will happen too) most pc users don’t know how to operate osx and will have to learn with that switch over and lets be honest only the most hardened geeks on the planet actually care about linux (I don’t)

I’ll let Bob Dylan make my Final Point this time

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I have gone vloggy!

So the poll from the last post was a flop and I still haven’t written here for some time now. I have the 3 month wall. So with the time I’ve spent on break from wordpress I have taken a nosedive into Google+ and want more people to come with me to the other side and they are coming over slowly. Also I have been bombarded  on facebook and through friends in person with a lot of the recent zombie attacks and zombie-like news stories and last night I decided I’ve had enough and recorded my first ever video blog. I know it’s not technology or even tech related but I wanted to share it with my wordpress followers. I toyed with the idea of a video blog for a little over a month now and finally did it, one take and done! So here you go!

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